Friday, 6 December 2013

The Perils of being a Perfectionist

It has been a number of months since I have posted on this blog and boy has a lot happened since then! I have got married (yay!), started a new job (yay!) and.. well, that's about it. So not really that much has gone on after all!

I have, however, discovered the perils of being a perfectionist.

Let me introduce to you my new site Frills and Doodads. The Frills and Doodads site started out as a wedding based blog (with a little bit of personal thrown in there) and has gradually turned itself into a business website. With any luck - I hope - in a short amount of time I will be making and selling wedding stationary from it for brides on a budget.

When I originally created the Frills & Doodads site, I also created alongside it a brand new Twitter account and even a brand new Instagram. It had its own domain name and I was determined to take it seriously and make it last - after all, I haven't exactly got the best history of blogging consistently. I put all of my time into it and basically forgot about my blog here.

The reason for this was, due to my slightly perfectionist nature, I have always felt I couldn't concentrate and put my everything in to more than one thing at a time. So, if a new project comes up, I throw all of my eggs into that basket and everything else seems to go by the wayside. I like everything to match, to line up and to look and feel perfect, smooth and simple.

But the world, and life, isn't like that! Look at me being all philosophical.

As much as I tried to work with the Frills and Doodads site on its own, the more I craved my personal blog to put little posts in and document my life as it passed by. I wanted somewhere to put good photographs and to share the smallest of things. I tried to satisfy this by adding the odd personal post in to the Frills and Doodads blog... but that didn't really work. It is, after all, a wedding blog and the personal posts just didn't fit.

And so here I am.. back with good old Nutty Style of Life with a new outlook of working with both blogs - one purely about weddings and the other to document my life and loves. I must admit, it feels a lot better now.. I've got my little corner of the internet back.

See you soon!


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